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Our Funs Sites:


"...Denelian is a well-oiled machine coming out of the Seattle fog. They layer and intertwine without being caught into that horrible web of being cheesy. They allow their listeners to dance and sing and at the same time make their music just as easy to listen to alone. Denelian says "dance!" but also has a quiet call to action that makes this irresistible.They have an ambience that's eerie and dark but poppy enough to make it benevolent. I was skeptical at first when I heard "Am I Down or Are You High?". I thought they had a direct influence from She Wants Revenge but Denelian is lighter than that, it's the context that makes the difference. They have a hint of new wave like the Birthday Party, a creepy happiness..."
- Marilyse Diaz, Independent Clauses

"...this youthful Seattle quartet do an excellent job of taking the best of Ian Curtis' rigidity and applying it to the swirling keyboard pop of new new wave... the group's bouncy tunes are sharp as they come."
- Portland Mercury

"...You wanna dance? You wanna sing along? Grab Denelian's (August) demo and enjoy. Fast paced and exciting Denelian offers smart indie pop at its best with just enough flash of 80s. Creative organized chaos of sound, this is what the underground scene has been trying to produce."
- Elizabeth Benavidez, Artsy Noise

"Three new tunes (Augsut Demo) played in the band's intriguing technical new wave style--kinda like New Order meets the Refused, with much less guitar. Devo and, at times, even the Buzzcocks come to mind. But these guys are much more atonal than yer average 80s retreads. There's something interesting going on."
- Aiding & Abetting

"...when Denelian really goes for it they create a raucous, rowdy, fuzzy noise that not only could inspire dancing, it could inspire violence..."
- S. Carradini, Independent Clauses

"there's no denying that Denelian writes solid pop tunes..."
- Matt Johnson, Three Imaginary Girls

" adventuresome melodies and solidly catchy hooks..."
- J-Sin, Smother (Editor's Pick)


See: Album, Words, Old.

1.17.10 - More False/Positive press:

"Like a good bottle of wine, Denelian's False/Positive improves the longer it's open. And, in this case, on your playlist. This mellow, pleasantly bewildering album proves its richness with every listen. False/Positive caters to all tastes with a wide range of sounds reminiscent of New Order, The Magnetic Fields and even Suede. Allow the mournful vocals, photographic lyrics and surprising instrumentals-both piano and synths-to breathe. Then duly appreciate Denelian's beautiful multi-flavoured work."
Miriam, 75orless.com

"Denelian might be the bridge between Coldplay's X&Y and New Order's Low-Life: They're very good at what they do, and you will enjoy it:"
- Stephen Carradini.

12.27.09 - It's official, the search is over... Paul Culala is the new drummer for Denelian!! Hooray!!! Make sure to come out on the 4th and welcome him: this will be our first show together and is sure to be a hell of a time!!

Mail: Jo@denelianmusic.com